Sunraysia Prune Extract is a natural prune food. Although the ideal dosage may vary from person to person, we recomend to start with a teaspoonful a day (1/4 of this dose for infants age 1.5 yrs +) and increase gradually as desired. You can add our Prune Extract to any meal or even into a cup of boiling water. Some people even like to eat it on toast, in a smoothie, on a salad or mixed into yoghurt.

Made in USA, Packed in Australia

Yes, transfer to a plastic container prior to freezing to avoid the expansion/contraction of the Jar. Frozen extract will last up to 3 months.
Note: flavour and appearance may change.

Please consult a doctor for information on what to consume while pregnant. Our prune extract is pasteurised

100% Prune Extract, which is only Prunes

No added flavour


Yes, all ingredients are GMO free or Non GMO

Twist lid to open. Once open, please keep it refrigerated.

No, Halal suitable

Sunraysia Prune Extract is available for purchase exclusively online at www.sunraysiapruneextract.com

It is not available in supermarkets.

We deliver direct to your door with the added convenience of a tracking number and regular shipping updates from the moment your order leaves our warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria.

Free shipping is available with certain product options. Please refer to the product options on our website.

Yes, Kosher certified



Refer to Best Before date - located on label
24 months closed
60 days refrigerated

Yes - Glass, Lid and Display box are all recyclable

Sunraysia Prune Extract contains around 70 prunes in each jar. Prunes contribute to a well-balanced healthy diet as they naturally contain important nutrients for your wellbeing.

These include:

Potassium which is a great contributor for healthy nerve & muscle function and electrolyte balance;
Source of fibre to assist with your gut health and fifteen percent Sorbitol which helps you keep regular;
Source of Vitamin K to assist with bone structure and four percent Quinic acid;
Source of Magnesium which is necessary for normal nerve and muscle function and bone structure.

Research around the world on the health benefits of Prunes suggests that this fruit is one of the most valuable foods to keep top of mind for people of all ages for healthy eating regime as daily wellness tonic.

It is highly recommended for anyone with a medical condition to consult with their appropriate health care professional about the use of any ingredients.

Closed/unopened - ambient or room temperature

Dietary Fibre: 2.7g/60g serve
Magnesium: 32mg/60g serve (10% RDI)
Potassium: 534mg/60g serve
Vitamin K: 8ug/60g serve (10% RDI)

No water is added - the product is a highly concentrated form of Prune Extract

A concentrate is where the water content is removed from the original juice.

Removing the water content from the extract improves the storage stability of the Extract and ensures that it remains fresher for longer

No added sugar, it has natural sugar from Prune

Prunus Domestica

There are around 70 x 5g Prunes in Jar. The exact quantity of prunes in each jar depends on the exact size of each prune.

The Plums are harvested and picked by automated farm systems and undergo a thorough dehydration process to became Prunes you know. The pitting process then removes the pit and the Prunes then go through a filtering process. Lastly, gentle heating is used to create a high-concentrated extract.

The entire process of heating are done in a way to keep most nutrients available in the final product.

There are minimal losses in the process and we are still able to deliver a great range of ingredients. Pasteurisation is important in maintaining safety and quality and means our product does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened.

Yes it is safe. However we strongly recommend to start with a 1/4 of a teaspoonful a day and evaluate. We also strongly recommend that this product only be used from age above 1.5 years old.

Viscosity of our extract is directly linked to the natural sweetness of the harvested prunes. The sweeter the prunes harvested, the less the viscocity.

No, the product doesn't have Prune fruit added, only the highly concentrated extract from large and juicier Prunes from California, USA

The fruit Sunraysia uses in the Prune Extract are manufactured from USA using larger and juicier Prunes, it is a high quality Prune fruit.

Sunraysia Prune Juice uses an average size prunes (not sourced from California, USA) that are also used for prune fruits available in Supermarket.

Sunraysia Prune Extract offers a variety ways of consuming the product offering great choice compared to the Juice. It also has the highest quality of Prunes.

Sunraysia Prune Extract can be incorporated into any snacking options or even into your cooking, enjoyed as a topping on toast, mixed with yoghurt or a smoothie, or even as a topping on a salad. Enjoy it any way you like.

Yes it can be added to your recipe, replacing similar consistency ingredients like molasses, honey or syrups. If the recipes asks for a juice you can dilute the Prune Extract into water with 1 to 5 ie. one unit of Prune Extract to five units of water.