Constipation relief

What causes constipation and how do you ease constipation?

What causes constipation and how do you ease constipation?

Our digestive system is like a machine that catches what we eat and breaks it down, so our bodies are able to absorb the necessary nutrients – this is called digestion. In this process we encounter waste particles, which change into a stool, then excreted from the body during a bowel movement.

In this same process, there are times when the machine (digestive system) slightly malfunctions, and that leads to constipation. This happens because the colon absorbs too much water from waste, which dries out the stool and that makes it difficult to excrete.

There are certain indications like abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort, which are usually caused by the inability to pass stool.

And every one of us has experienced constipation at some point in our lives and this is due to changes in our diets or our bodies telling us that there are certain foods that don’t agree with the digestive system.

What does constipation feel like?

Staying regular means having a consistent bowel movement, but with constipation, people find it difficult to pass what has now resulted in a hard or dry stool. This causes intense strain to relieve constipation and may also result in abdominal pain or a hardened abdomen area.

These are the first signs of a problem:

  • Strain on bowel movement
  • Feeling as if the complete stool hasn’t passed
  • Passing less than 3 stools per week
  • Feeling a blockage within your rectum\

The benefits of dietary fibre

Fibre is the key to staying regular and the lack thereof contributes to that ‘bloated’ feeling as a result of constipation.

Consciously adding fibre to our diets makes all the difference. The release of fibre into our bodies helps keep us filled, stabilises blood sugar levels, and is ultimately vital for good heart health. The realisation is that most of us aren’t getting the optimal amount of fibre to stay regular.

Basically, nobody wants to feel the discomfort of constipation and by adding more fibre to your everyday diet, can easily regulate your digestion, and get your bowels moving again.

 Foods with natural laxative properties

These foods have natural laxative abilities, which essentially are high in fibre and in turn prevent constipation:

  • Check your whole grains - whole wheat bread and oatmeal
  • More of these fruits – apples, prunes, berries and pears
  • Love your veggies – carrots, broccoli and green peas
  • Don’t forget to add beans, legumes and nuts
  • And of course, drink water in between snacks and meals

The digestive system can also become disrupted and that’s why it’s important to eat enough fibre to keep you regular and improve the balance of good gut bacteria.

The power of prunes

Prunes take the prize for being the KING of natural laxatives because they’re:

  • High in fibre
  • Helpers in relieving constipation
  • Rich in antioxidants (limit damage caused by free radicals)
  • Filled with essential vitamins and minerals
  • A good source of Vitamin A (which also has antioxidant activity)

Sunraysia Prune Extract is made from 100% specially selected Californian prunes, which contribute to a well-balanced healthy diet and naturally contain important nutrients for good gut health.

This magic in a jar contains everything that is good for your health PLUS keeps you regular:

Potassium – to regulate the heartbeat, while making sure that nerves and muscles are functioning healthily

Great source of fibre – contains 15% Sorbitol, which has a slow metabolic release assisting in keeping you regular

Vitamin K – assists in keeping bones healthy and has 4% Quinic Acid

Mighty Magnesium – necessary for better nerve and muscle function as well as good bone structure

No more constipation

The discomfort that comes with being constipated or just having irregular bowel movements can upset your entire day, week, or month. Our bodies need that good release so that we immediately feel lighter and ready to take on our challenges without feeling bogged down.

Exercising, but more importantly, following a good diet is of utmost importance and including the right amount of fibre will be the key to staying regular.

Each jar of Sunraysia Prune Extract contains over 70 premium Californian prunes and can help ease constipation for both adults and children.

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