Kids constipation help relief

Constipation in kids and How to help them

Helping your kids through constipation

 Trouble in bowel movement can happen with babies as young as 2 weeks, so if you observe that your child is having trouble passing stools then it is most likely a case of common constipation.

How do I know if my child is constipated?

Keep in mind, that depending on your child’s age, you will immediately see a change in attitude when they must poop. There might even be a sense of fear.

Check for these symptoms:

  • Stomach aches
  • Bloating or hardened abdomen
  • Bleeding when passing stools
  • Soiled underwear
  • Crying or complaining of rectal pain

Parents need to note that these symptoms will usually be a sign of irregular bowel movement, but since they’re kids, it’s important to watch their toilet movements and observe if they’re in distress

FACT. All kids differ with the patterns in their bowel movements, so if what is normal for your child changes, then there might be a problem.

Why does constipation happen in kids?

With constipation, the colon's muscle movements are too slow. The colon absorbs too much water, and the stool gets very hard and dry.

Once a child becomes constipated, the problem can quickly get worse. Hard, dry stools can be painful to push out, which may cause the child to be fearful of using bathroom because it hurts. Over time, the colon will not be able to sense that stool is there.

There are quite a number of things that could cause the constipation:

  • Emotional anxiety or worry
  • Not consuming enough fluids
  • Change in diet – for babies this takes place when there’s a change in milk
  • Too many fast foods and soft drinks
  • Underlying physical problems: Cerebral Palsy, iron supplements, antidepressants

 This is what you can do to help them remain regular

  1. Check that your kids are getting about 3 to 4 glasses of water daily
  2. Fast foods slow digestion so monitor their intake
  3. Get them to form good toilet habits, especially after a big meal
  4. Limit any drinks with caffeine
  5. Add more fiber to their daily diets

Conscious eating and drinking is the key to getting your kids to have a more regular bowel movement. It’s important to encourage good eating habits so that constipation is minimised, which in most cases is extremely painful.

Prunes are the perfect natural laxative for babies and older kids because it provides all the nutrients that kids need plus it’s high in fiber which will assist in good bowel movement.

Sunraysia Prune Extract is made from 100% prunes and can be added to their cereal daily, contributing to a well-balanced healthy diet while providing the key to good gut health.

This magic in a jar contains everything that is good for kids

Potassium – regulates fluid balance in the body

Great source of fiber - prevents constipation by keeping kids regular

Magnesium - vital for calcium absorption, vitamin D activation and making healthy bones

After you’ve tried natural laxatives and constipation still continues, then it’s best you consult with your pharmacist or GP about alternative treatment.


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