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Sunraysia Prune Extract (Value 2 Pack)

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⭐️ Made with 100% premium-quality Prunes
☕️ Tastes delicious
🚻 Can provide natural relief from constipation
✨ Can improve gut health and digestion
🌱 Naturally contains nutrients for wellbeing

Value Pack 

(From 90 cents per day^)

Each jar of Sunraysia Prune Extract is made with 100% premium-quality Californian Prunes. With around 70 large Prunes packed into each jar - giving you the best of the best.

Naturally contains important nutrients for your wellbeing such as Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin K and Dietary Fibre.

Unlike any other prune product, our prunes go through a filtering and gentle heating process to convert them into a high-concentrated Extract. These are important attributes to make a delicious, high-quality, nutritious fruit product.

As an extract, our product is highly concentrated - improving the storage stability of our Extract and ensuring that it remains fresher for longer.

With just a teaspoonful a day, our Prune Extract can provide natural relief from constipation, improve gut health and digestion, and can also contribute to a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Enjoy it mixed into yoghurt, a smoothie, tea, as a delicious topping on toast or a fresh salad. 

It's the natural, delicious way to get regular and stay regular. 


Sunraysia Prune Extract is a food not a medicine. 

Suitable for children age 1.5yrs + and adults.

^ To help ease constipation, based on daily consumption of one teaspoon